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Patch 118 & 119
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 05 November 2004
This patch was the first patch of the Drone Theme weeks.
- Created very cheap copies of all drones to facilitate tests during the drone theme weeks, they are sold at special NPCs in Neocron, DoY, Tech Haven and at the gates of both cities.
- Renamed custom "Canyon" chat channels to "DoY" and removed the "Wastelands" channels.
- Updated Biotech, CityAdmin and Diamond Epic Runs.
- Fixed some Soullight/Faction Sympathy issues in the CityAdmin Epic Run.
- Subway zones are safezones again.

- D3D9Drv: fixed wrong (black) fog color at far clipping plane
- D3D9Drv: fixed player shadow remaining visible with stealth activated

- Fixed drones flying past zone borders in Wasteland sectors, they now bounce off an invisible wall at the zone border
- Added checks to prevent drones getting stuck in other meshes, e.g. trees; stuck drones drop to ground after a short time
- Added more checks to fix/locate/minimize bug with drones spawning in the middle of nowhere
- Changed aggressor list of NPCs/players to register the owner of the drone instead of the drone itself as damage dealer, this should fix the SL loss bug affecting droners who hadn't attacked any other runners
- Fixed bug with certain server messages not routed to the player when droning, this fixes the droner team invite bugs
- Fixed bug with droner not losing SL and faction sympathy when killing friendly runners in anarchy zones
- Fixed render issue with chat window while droning

Additional Notes:
- Updated Devlin Jones, Juri Netschajev, Gerald Forsyte, & Aerol scripts
- Increased CopBot Rifle carrying NPC's damage.
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