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Patch 117
Written by Tratos   
Monday, 01 November 2004
Bug & Exploit fixes.
- Fixed StockX exploit.
- Fixed bug in WoC XP requirements which allowed runners to get WoC Lvl 1 already at 160 Mio XP. Runners who have taken advantage of this bug will keep their WoC level, but still need a total of 410M XP for the second WoC level.
- Fixed "You have to finish the Epic Run" WoC NPC bug when runner has *any* active mission.
- Fixed XP not going past 172,354,941 points (for a skill capped at Lvl 100) on some skills/player actions, e.g. trade skills
- Disabled "client side prediction" of XP gains. F5 now shows the real numbers, as last reported by the server. These numbers aren't updated more than once in every 10 seconds. This means that you *may* have a little more XP than shown in the F5 window. It will get updated on one of your next XP-giving actions, or if you zone/relog.
- Fixed an exploit in the Crahn epic run.
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