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Patch 115 & 116
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 28 October 2004
More bug fixes, this patch brought the dreaded high XP requirement for WoC skills.
- Drones now drop to ground after some seconds when stuck in solid geometry and doors.
- Increased network update rate for drones by about 20%.
- Added/updated collision checks at drone start.
- Decreased drone start inertia, may reduce errors causing drone loss.
- Fixed drone particle FX visible in 1st person mode after switching back from 3rd person mode.

- Fixed vehicle passenger combat rank bug.

- Adjusted (decreased) chance for failing research, it's the same formula as construction now.

- Fixed an issue with skill system causing rounding errors at large XP scores (with capped skills).
- Removed PSI WoC choice for PEs.
- Adjusted XP requirements for WoC skills (note: 160Mio = required XP for skill 100):
* 160Mio + 100Mio XP for WoC Lvl #1
* 160Mio + 250Mio XP for WoC Lvl #2
* 160Mio + 450Mio XP for WoC Lvl #3
* 160Mio + 700Mio XP for WoC Lvl #4
* 160Mio + 1000Mio XP for WoC Lvl #5

- Fixed physics code timing bug when minimizing Neocron using ALT+TAB.
- Fixed a few server-side crash bugs.

- Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the main menu.
- Removed a bug allowing 2-lined, colored clanrank names
- Updated HUD code (partially preparing clients for the upcomming HUD update)

- The Furniture Vendor in Viarosso 1 no longer sells DOY furniture.
- Added more DOY unit types.
- Tradeskill-Quickjob related items can no longer be dropped.
- Adjusted the armor values for Turrets and Juggernauts.
- Fixed a bug with the Hacknet software mods.
- The Black Dragon FSM now also sells the camo PE PAs.
- Fixed bugs in the Biotech, Crahn and Twilight Guardian Epic Runs.
- Greatly increased the drop rate for parts required to build Codebreakers in the Hacknet.
- Added backbones to the implant vendors.
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