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Patch 113 & 114
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 15 October 2004
More bug fixes.
- Some people had invisible items in their inventory after the character transfer. These should transform into Milky Rens now, please remove these Milky Rens from your inventory.
- Fixed Hacknet Software mods and re-added them to the software vendors.
- Adjusted Range on vehicle weapons, specifically Glider & Trike/Chaincraft MG.
- Adjusted Range on Anti Aircraft Launchers.
- Tweaked rewards for research and construction missions.
- Greatly increased the number of parts required to build the Rhino Tank.
- Due to a packaging mix-up, the Twilight Guardian Supply Manager has been selling apartment keys instead of Hovercarrier keys. He received the correct shipment now and no longer sells the apartment keys.
- Updated the emote trigger list.
- Fixed client going out-of-sync to server on certain dialogue scripts.
- Fixed some errors in gambling NPC dialogues.
- Fixed server-side bug with ALLIANCE chat.

Hotfix 114 - Fixed the problems with the sympathy check in dialogues and the Rhino Tanks Blueprint.
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