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Patch 112
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 13 October 2004
Neocron 2 bug fix patch.
- Replaced all research and construction quickjobs. They now use mission specific items ranging from TL 10 to TL 150.

- The Fallen Angels Supply Manager finally found the Hoverbomber keys he was supposed to sell.
- All Faction Supply Managers now sell MNPU parts, AMRAD parts have been removed and all blueprints using AMRAD part have been adjusted to use MNPU parts.
- Added more loot to WoC dungeon mobs and increased the drop rate for the Ceres Disks.
- Lowered firing frequency for the Terminator shotgun to match other shotguns.
- Changed Techlevel for the Crahn Defensive PSI Processor 3 to the intended TL 67 (was 37).
- Removed the "push effect" from player and monster shots within Hacknet.
- Changed recycling recipes for the Codebreakers.

- An additional dancer model has been enabled.

- Fixed several gameworld and npc related bugs.
- Fixed several epic related bugs.
- Added PSI Trader in the City Mercs HQ.
- Added a Hacknet Software trader in the Fallen Angels DOY sector.
- Fixed a bug in the I_09 Quests.
- Fixed an exploitable spot in Plaza Sec-4.
- Changed the Abandoned Sectors in Dome of York to warzones (no SL loss, no faction sympathy loss when killing other players)
- Changed HackNet uplink sectors to warzones (no SL loss, no faction sympathy loss when killing other players)
- Changed HackNet travel sectors to hunting grounds (SL and faction sympathy loss when killing other players)

- Updated Hacknet monster scripts and spawns
- Fixed bug with combat rank 30/30 Hacknet turrets, they should do less damage now.
- Made new scripts for the Juggernaut bots of the Juggernaut facility. (Recommendation: Bring at least a full team to the facility)

- Fixed apartment GenRep activation restrictions:
+ Plaza/Viarosso/Pepper apartments: CityAdmin friendly player only
+ DoY apartments: DoY friendly player only
+ Outzone/Techtown/Canyon apartments: no restrictions
+ Military base apartments: CityMerc friendly player only

- Added custom chat "ALLIANCE", only visible to players who are allied to each other:
+ Pro CityAdmin: CityAdmin, Diamond, NEXT, Tangent, BioTech, ProtoPharm
+ Anti CityAdmin: Twilight Guardian, Tsunami, BlackDragon, Crahn, Fallen Angels
+ neutral (equals to FACTION chat): CityMercs
+ this possibly shifts your custom chat settings, please check your hypercom window!

- D3D9 driver: slightly reduced loading time of precached mesh objects
- Fixed small memory leak in client startup code

- Added another check to prevent vehicles to spawn below ground at some vehicle depots
- Disabled flawed "mission NPC alive" check causing "mission failed" bug with some epic run missions.
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