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Patch 109, 110 & 111
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004
Neocron 2 bug fix patch combo with hotfix
- Manually set the price of High Density Datacubes.
- Vehicle Energy packs are researchable now.
- Military base apartment vendor now sells all Military Base apartments.
- Hacknet software mods are now sold at the software vendors.
- Anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft ammo is now sold at heavy combat ammo/outpost vendors.
- Removed faction requirements from construction licenses.
- Increased efficiency of Hacknet regeneration and defense software.
- All faction-specific Hacknet levels have been set to warzones (no faction sympathy penalty).

- Fixed lots of epic bugs.
- Replaced the targets for the Tangent and Tsunami NPC epic kills by lower level NPCs (
- Updated WoC Savant scripts again.

- Fixed all PAs: You can play now all emotes and animations on every PA.
- Fixed PSI-PA not playing any cast animations. Works now.
- Added Weaponattachbone: You can see now your weapon on your PA.
- All PAs now use the MOCap animations instead of the old one.
- Increased all PA texture resolutions up to 512² (old one was 256²...)

- Fixed serverside bug that caused the apartment reset on Terra.
- Improved server<->database handling and error checking.
- Emote trigger check is no longer case sensitive.

-Hotfix 111: Fixed problem with epic quest giving NPCs.
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