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Patch 107
Written by Tratos   
Monday, 04 October 2004
Neocron 2 bug fix patch.

- Fixed the mission bug that affected clanned players.
- Fixed sporadic server-side crash bug related to outpost security settings.
- Fixed server-side crash bug in dialogue script code.
- Fixed missing use restriction for DoY bomber pilot in vehicle key item info.
- Combat rank of *unarmed* vehicle driver/pilot is now calculated as the average combat rank of all (occupied) gunner positions of this vehicle.
- Changed all hacknet scripts:
- Mobs (white) now shoot white weapon effects..
- Turrets don't drop or move.
- Changed range on all hacknet mobs.
- Changed movement speed of flying hacknet mobs.

- Changed Techlevel/requirements on the weapons of the bomber, carrier and assault gliders. The MGs on the bomber, assault glider and carrier now have a TL of 60, the aussault glider's bombs have a TL of 60 and the bomber's bombs a TL of 80.
- The DOY vehicle smuggler finally received his shipment of vehicle ammo.
- Vehicle vendors in both cities now sell the energy packs required for the Fallen Angels epic run.
- The Faction Supply Managers now sell high level tools.
- All Cryton and Tech Angels shops sell weapon parts now.
- Moved the Ion Crossbow's ammo to the High Tech ammo vendors.

- Updated scripts for the NPCs Devlin Jones and Juri Netschajev.
- Updated Hacknet Databases scripts.
- Updated WoC Savant scripts.
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