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Patch 105
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 30 September 2004
An early Neocron 2 bug fix and content patch.

- You can now create a clan without having to complete the epic run for your faction first. Sorry for the delay. This feature will be removed again next week.

- Fixed some haircuts.
- Added new Haircuts and replaced some older once.
- Fixed some animations
- Replaced some old emotes and added new ones. Some of the emotes should now be different for female/male.

- StockX chartsystem (visualisation) changed

Main menu:
- Fixed a bug in the server selection screen
- Fixed a bug in the character creation screen (choose profession)

Epic Runs:
- Added missing NPC Blight
It seems that some Epic Runs still don't work as desired. Please report any missing NPCs or broken dialog scripts to the Quality Assurance Team via the Bugreport Tool.

- Fixed broken Juggernaut Facility Map
- Updated NavRay database
- Changed the monster distribution in the Wastelands. Both the North and South of the Wastelands contain easier mobs and the difficulty gradually increases towards the center of the Wastelands.

- Added WoC Savants
The WoC Savants are assisting you with setting up your WoC Levels if you meet the requirements. To gain XP for the WoC Levels, new Ceres Lab Dungeons have been added all over the Wastelands.

- Fixed broken Hacknet High Security Database Scripts

- Updated Faction Supply Managers wares
- Faction Supply Managers now sell the correct High Capacity Datacubes needed to download blueprints from the Hacknet databases.

- Added Weaponparts 1-6 to all Resource Supply Managers
- Added Weaponparts 7-10 as Mob Loot

- Updated some french language scripts.

- Fixed over 500 typos.
- Removed "die" from emote keyword list.
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