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THN Neocron Community News
Written by Tech Haven Network   
Thursday, 24 April 2008

Welcome to the 1st THN Neocron Community Update from the Tech Haven Network. We wanted to present a little newsletter to the community on what is going on around the community, as there are quite a few projects out there to make your experience of playing Neocron 2 a lot better and more fun.

All these projects are done by the authors and teams in their own spare time, so please be gentle with them.

There are plenty of other projects out there that are all worthy of a mention, but today we would like to mention a few of them that have been featured a lot more recently.

If you have a project or a website that you would like to tell the whole Neocron Community about, please contact any of the Tech Haven Network admins, or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Neocron and Black Prophecy.

We wanted to start out with some news from Reakktor on Neocron and Black Prophecy, as this is one major place for concern for the community at the moment. We have approached Reakktor for some information to be included in this article about where Neocron is going and how Black Prophecy is progressing at present.

We do have word that Reakktor are preparing a response, unfortunatley this will be published at a later date as we at the Techhaven Network have decided to bring forward this article so other news remains fresh and up to date - no one wants week old news!

So once Reakktor get back to us we'll have some news for you as soon as possible.

Item GFX.

ItemGFX is a Neocron add-on project that allows customisation of the ingame Neocron icons, and is written by MightyMax . You can read more about the tool in this thread on the Neocron forums.

Some of you may have heard of ItemGFX from Neocron 1. It was a utility to allow players to change some of the icon graphics in games. How many times have you pull out a hacktool to hack a warbot, only to find  you have pulled out your obliterator instead?

Sadly for various reasons the tool had to be discontinued, but recently MightyMax has been given approval to start the project again, and redesign the tool from scratch.

The package is on Release 3 and is available here for downloading .

MightyMax has been a little busy in real life, but he says he hopes to return to the project within the next few weeks, but he did give an quick overview of the areas he was working on.

“ItemGFX is stuck at the moment at figuring out the reason/solution of two major bugs.

- Under some (yet not clear) condition the exchanged icons are all transparent (invisible) although everything reports to be ok.
- libIGFX loading fails with "Procedure not found" on LoadLibrary (which shouldn't be possible to happen at all)”

UneX Launcher

The UneX launcher (Also known as the Ultimate Launcher ) is an authorised add-on for Neocron to give access to extra commands while in game and is written by Marc Hoover .

Some of those commands allow access to NCrareDB, Neocron apartment list and the THN Item DB. One of the main features allows you to talk on IRC whilst ingame. The current version of the program is available for download here.

However Marc Hoover is working on a new version of the launcher, and he gave this small update.

“The uneX Launcher v2 is near to the First Beta Release, only the update system for the whole software (Nskill, itemgfx,....) need to be finished.

The uneX Launcher System Backend works fine, I’m working on collecting some data for personal statistics. (Kills, Money, etc..)”

Marc then went on to expand on the statistics part of the launcher.

“The uneX Launcher is able to receive information directly from the Neocron Client (Such as Rank, Clan, Faction, etc..) so the uneX server could create a char-specific profile for collecting statistic data, such as how many kills, how many deaths, who was the last killer, how much money you paid and obtained etc...

In the future we could collect more data for the personal statistic page: Faction Sympathy, Soul light, and how often you change clan or faction.

The goal is providing a detailed information / statistic page for the uneX Users, who could make this info public if they want to. We could implement tons of NSkill datasheet sets in this statistic page, too.”


Nskill is a character skilling application to help you get the best setup out of your character. It is written by StevenJ and version 1 can be download at http://www.nskill.co.uk/ (Click in the bottom left to get to the download page)

StevenJ has been working on and off on Nskill, and he gave this little update.

“NSkill (and NC in general) has taken a back seat lately; work has taken over 110% of my life. I hope to be able to get things to a decent state within the next month or two, given time. The NSkillV2 site will be live soon, which will contain a preview download, more detailed notes, etc.

Issues I need to address:

Psi shields - I can calculate the dmg a user will get, I haven't yet worked this into an actual shield / resist value.

Mighty Max's ItemGFX allows me to use a complete item listing. This will help me twofold: makes the item listing complete, and in creating an online char db setup. I couldn't have custom imps for an online db whilst keeping things as simple as I'd like for a gaming project.

I need to re-introduce graphics for weapons

Loading V1 .exl files

A tonne of testing on the dmg/freq figures I get

Hopefully implement range/aiming - on the one hand I'm pretty sure I can tell how they work given what I've been shown. On the other hand this will double the testing, and these values aren't as important as dmg/freq.

Finish off the char sheet & make mini sheet”

Neocron Wiki

The Neocron Wiki is run by Delphi (aka James_Finn ) and can be found at http://wiki.techhaven.org

Delphi gave the THN this little update about the wiki.

“After a successful merge with the THN, the wiki has just reached 300 articles. This is only a scratch on the surface of the level of detail required for the wiki to become a useful resource - however as each day passes the article count increases.

The main aim of the wiki is to document anything to do with the Neocron world, and the way the game is played, we have recently opened a section for the promotion of clans giving clans a place to look for recruitment, and somewhere for all the lore related to individual clans to be stored.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of admins who work tirelessly everyday on the wiki, and also special thanks to Brammers for the addition of, and allowing us to beta test the new THN API.

So the next time you are refreshing for new posts on the official forum, why not add an article to the wiki instead - adding your contribution to the community for future players to use!”

The Tech Haven Network

The Tech Haven Network is a resource website, run by Brammers and can be found at http://www.techhaven.org who was able to give an update about the THN.

Here’s what Brammers had to say about the THN.

“Version 1.4.3 of the Item Database has been released, which has some minor improvements to the public side, however most of the work has been completed behind the scenes on the new THN API.

The THN API is a project which will allow other fan sites the ability to use the data collected and stored by the item DB in their own sites. This can be done with the minimum amount of coding work, to enable an easy integration. Currently the NC Wiki is utilising the THN API, and has so far been hugely successful.

There are currently some technical issues which need to be addressed before the THN API can be released to the community. Unfortunately at this stage it is not possible to give a timeframe for the community release, however watch this space!

A large feature which is planned for the Item database is the ability to add comments to any item stored. There will be a multitude of different comment types which the comment can be stored under, so for example you could add a comment to mention which vendor or smuggler the item can be bought from.”

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