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Soullight changes in next patch
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Snowcrash has posted news of changes coming to the next retail patch. There is no news when the patch will be out. (Next 2-3 days would be my guess) Here is a copy of what he posted.

"With the next retail patch the Soullight system will be adjusted to prevent possible abuse of this system. After the patch it will no longer be possible to increase the own Soullight by killing NPCs or other runners. With this measure, the inhibition threshold to eliminate other runners to ruin their enjoyment of the game should be raised. It will still be possible to increase the own Soullight respectively bring it back to the original state by absolving missions and by the auto regeneration feature.

The increase of own Soullight will be much harder due to these adjustments, so you should watch out to not decrease your Soullight with careless actions respectively increase it with the given possibilities until the patch is released."

A disccussion thread on the changes can be found here. (Link updated: 20-Jun-2007 11:06BST!)

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