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Servers offline for migration - Completed!
Written by The THN Admin   
Monday, 30 June 2008

The Neocron 2 servers are now offline for the planned migration of the hardware to the new datacentre. This process is expected to take several days, and is expected to be back by the 7th July.

The THN will be keeping everyone updated with the news here, but for discussion about the migration, please use this thread.

The Story so far...

29th June 23:00BST, 30th June Midnight CEST. - The login server was taken offline. Anyone who was ingame could remain ingame, but if you logged out, you would not be able to log in. The population slowly got smaller, and there was a little party in Plaza 1 .

Here is what Snowcrash posted about the first planned step for the migration.

"As already announced, the Neocron server hardware will be moved to another data center. For this purpose, the main account server will be shut down today at midnight (CEST). From then on it is no longer possible to log into the game and to administrate game accounts. The game servers will be shut down tomorrow morning at 09:00 AM CEST. Until then it is possible to play Neocron if one has logged into the game before the shutdown of the main account server.

We will of course keep you in the loop about the migration progress and will announce further details regarding the planned lowering of the Neocron subscription fees within the next days."

30th June 08:27BST  Snowcrash updated the thread with the lastest news "All servers have been shut down and are now being dismantled by the admin team of our data center provider. After the dismantling the hardware will be made ready for dispatch and transported to the new data center."

4th July 09:45BST Nidhogg posted this update. "The Neocron server hardware has arrived in the new data center yesterday evening after some delay. Pending an intensive examination the hardware will be rebuilt and taken back into operation. Due to the circumstances of the transportation delay it may take a little longer than expected to bring the servers back online."

7th July 10:54 BST No further updates have been posted since the 4th July update.

7th July 12:22 BST Snowcrash has just posted this update. "The intensive examination of the hardware has just been finished and the rebuild of the hardware, as well as the adjustment of the software, is currently in progress. As already explained the shipment of the servers has taken longer then expected which is the reason for this delay.

We will inform you as soon as we have more information and ask for a little more patience."

 9th July 10:45BST  Server is now back up - Mission Completed! Now every back to PvPing and OP fighting!

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