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Servers down (Now back up)
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

At about 22:00BST 10 April 2007, the Neocron servers could not be reach due to connection issues.

SnowCrash has put this annoucment up forums. "We are currently experiencing connection issues at the Level 3 data center in Hamburg. The Level 3 support team is already investigating and is trying to fix these issues as quickly as possible. We are currently not able to give you an estimate time when the servers will be available again."
Update: 09:36BST 11 April 2007 - No update or ETA from ReaKKtor on the current connection issues. As soon as we have some news, we will pass it on.
Update: 10:59BST 11 April 2007 - SnowCrash updated the annoucement on the official forums "The connection issues with the Neocron Servers are still present because of ongoing technical problems in the data center itself. The data center support team is still working on these issues and we will provide you with more information as soon as possible."
Update: 14:16BST 11 April 2007 - Servers back up!
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