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Server update news - Summary
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 19 September 2012

There has been quite a bit of news and changes about the Neocron servers over the last week due to the infrastructure changes, which has probably left most of us in a slight state of confusion. Mokoi has recently posted a blog and a post on the current situation.

So to help, here is what we know and understand about the current live servers.

Mars – Is running normally.

Terra – At the time, it is down due to a crash that has caused some data integrity issues. The Neocron 2 Support team are doing their best to bring it back online without any data loss to the game data. No ETA at this time.

Titan – This is a new server that is currently a test server, meaning there will be a wipe before it goes live. You can play on this server now however due to a small bug, it is showing as "Offline" If it does show as "Offline" just try and connect anyway. Also when Titan goes live, there won’t be a character transfer option, although there may be a possibility of a character transfer option in the future. (More here)

Server Populations
Server Players Status
Titan 13 Online

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