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Server: Terra - Rollback
Written by Dr J Zoidberg   
Monday, 09 January 2006

Terra Is up the skitz again.

At approximately 22:16 GMT Server: Terra's lag spiked, and people started shouting. A host of problem's have occoured, on which you can comment on here.

More info will be posted when known. 

Update: No news, for those who are bored - play this game sugguested by Trillian and put your scores up here!

Update: 10 Jan 13:42 GMT by Bram - Terra has been rebooted and all seems to be fixed, but some people still have problems. If you still have problems read and post on this official forum thread.

Update: 10 Jan 16:27 GMT by Bram - Unfortunately the reboot didn't help, as there was still some DB corruption. Terra has to be rolled back to Jan 9, 4 PM GMT. More info here

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