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Reakktor no longer in Administration
Written by CMaster   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009
Those who've been following this for a long while may remember that Reakktor's previous ownder, 10Tacle Studios AG declared insolvency. KK quickly explained that they hoped to survivie this while all the other stuios owned by 10Tacle were closed down. Today, several german gaming sites are reporting having recieved a press release from Reakktor stating that the insolvency is offically over. You can read some (very good) google translations here and here. They also state that Black Prophecy will be released in 2010 - a 2009 release having been looking less and less likley as the months go on of course. We'll be poking Reakktor for more information tomorrow. One has to wonder if this means free Neocron will be coming to an end any time soon.
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