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Paypal for Neocron this month!
Written by CMaster   
Friday, 09 February 2007

In what is quite frankly a shock announcement, Snowcrash has today revealed that by the end of next week (16th February 2007), paypal should be availble as a payment method for Neocron. Previous annoucements had stated that new payment methods would not be available "until 2.2", and had hinted quite heavily at WorldPay being the new provider.

We are still awaiting details, however it would seem likely that Paypal will work out somewhat more expensive for players than Click2Pay does, considering paypal fees and the likley good deal offered to KK by C2P for being part of the same business group. Read the offical announcement right here.

Update: We have been asked by ReaKKtor to point out that the PayPal payment option will be only available to people with Credit cards.

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