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New Policy: Legal R.P.O.S. Modifications
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 19 October 2006

Christian 'SnowCrash' Schuett today has announced that modification of the Neocron 2 R.P.O.S. is now legal again under a new set of guidelines and rules.

The announcement can be found here and the new forum subsection with information about Neocron 2 R.P.O.S. modification can be found here

 Christian 'SnowCrash' Schuett Wrote:

"We are glad to announce that the modification of R.P.O.S. files for the individual design of the Neocron 2 H.U.D is now officially permitted. Please read the important information about how to modify your Neocron 2 H.U.D. carefully. You can find this information right here."

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