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Neocron Service Update 17th Sept 2012
Written by nEo1664   
Monday, 17 September 2012

This was posted today over on the NC forums from Trivaldi,


Below is some information regarding the Neocron Service. We hope to remove confusion by providing this concise run down of the situation.

Recent DDoS Attacks
A solution has been implemented to ease the stress caused by the attacks. There should be a noticeable improvement in game server availability over the next few days. Web based services should already see an improvement. For obvious reason we cannot give any details on this solution.

Terra [EN] & Mars [DE] Game Servers
Provided on Canadian hosting by Kirk Lenke, these servers remain as they were. Up time should improve but these servers remain available for players to utilise under the standard rules, with in game support provided (in English and German) by the Neocron Support Team. Lag spikes on these servers unfortunately cannot be resolved due to the nature of our hosting agreement.

Although considered “Legacy Servers” Terra and Mars will still receive future patch updates. Now changes to the infrastructure have been made, these servers will become Terra [NA] and Mars [NA], to reflect their physical location (North America).

Mercury [DE] Game Server
Mercury’s database was backed up and is securely stored. The server itself will not be returning.

*NEW* Titan [EU] Game Server
An entirely new 4 slot server provided by members of the Neocron Support Team. Better hardware in a more secure environment hosted in Europe. A fresh server enabling a fresh start for the game to improve the Neocron experience for everyone, thanks to improved hardware and hosting environment performance. Supported in full by the Neocron Support Team (in English and German) under the usual rules, receiving all future patch updates.

Titan [EU] will launch Soon™ and have a completely clean economy. At least initially only brand new 0/2 rank characters will be available, to anyone with a Neocron 2 Game Account.

Titan [EU] Character Transfer
At this time discussions are still going on internally as to our stance on character transfers to the new server. We hope to reach a decision as soon as possible; after investigating the technical feasibility of different tiers of character transfer. We will post another update once we have confirmed our stance on this. We can confirm however, that no character transfer will be available at the launch of Titan [EU].

In the meantime all players still have the choice of playing on the older servers.

We hope this makes the situation clearer.
Neocron Support Team

Join in the discussion over here: http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?145747-Service-Update-17th-Sept-2012

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