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Neocron news update - Patch 186-188 released and other Neocron news
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 08 August 2014

It's been a busy week with Neocron, with news and updates coming from all over the place.

Patch 186-188

The first and biggest news is Patch 186 got released earlier this week. This patch features the first Phase of balancing. Patches. A few bugs and glitches resulted in 2 hotfixes (187 and 188) but the patch has now stablised. Double XP is runnign until Monday 11th August.

Since this is a big patch, there is already quite a discussion on the changes so please play on Titan and provide any feedback in this thread.

Balancing - The next phase

As I said earlier in the news, this isn't the only balance patch that is coming. Phase 2 has been planned and is already underway. Expect fixes for current balance issues in the very near future and in the very near future, changes to implants will be announced and released.

Neocron - In HD

The Neocron HD project has been talked about for a little while now, with a few teaser shots released on the forums. Now Xortag has taken time out from his art tools to write a blog on how they are bringing the GFX image quality upto the standards of 2014. So check out his blog entry here.

Reakktor is back...sort of.

The original founder of Reakktor, Micheal J Schwiezer is back with a new studio using the original Reakktor name. Currently their new game in the works is a new arena-FPS game called Toxikk. There are a few little nods to Neocron in the upcoming game, but if you want to discuss the game, why not discuss it on the Neocron Forums.



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