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Neocron dev-update - Sparta IS coming
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 06 September 2013

The latest dev-update is now available, and it's a massive update. This month the dev-update covers

  • How Neocron will be developed in future to bring you patches quicker.
  • How the Neocron Support Team plan to bring you the Sparta Balance Patches.
  • When Sparta is planning to launch.
  • News on the upcoming retail R#184 patch
  • Soul Light System & Improved 'Bad Guy' Experience
  • Updates CityCom Missions, Newbie Dungeons and Mob Variety
  • Neocron's New Art Department

The big news is on Sparta, and there is even a rough date for when Sparta will arrive. The date is sooner than you think, so you want to find out when? Go and read the dev-update here , and get onto Titan and start getting some PvP practice in so that you are ready for SPARTAAAAAA!





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