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Neocron 2.3 content patch delayed
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Snowcrash has announced that the planned patch to change the factions back to the old NC1 relations has been delayed until November.

What was also revealed is the events team would be bringing a new storyline to the game.

You can discuss the news in this thread

Snowcrash wrote "As Holger Nathrath has declared in his initial announcement, we had planned an estimated development time of three months for the completion of the content package. During the development process we discovered several coding issues that made more resources necessary than originally intended. In course of the development process of our new MMOG “Black Prophecy” we have to reach an important milestone and therefore all coding resources have had to be reallocated. Due to this increased need for resources on “Black Prophecy” the development time for the Neocron content package unfortunately has to be extended and the current estimate for the release of the content package is now the beginning of November, 2007.

We understand that you are eager to see Neocron’s development proceed faster but under the current circumstances it is not possible to speed up this process any more. In the meantime our Gamemaster team will of course continue the Neocron storyline with several exciting events and articles in the Neocron webzines and we will also introduce a new stunning storyline package in the next weeks."
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