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NC2 Mercury Server to close
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 13 August 2012

The 4 Slot German server Mercury is to close.

"The following information is not easy to deliver, however this action must be taken for the benefit of our ongoing restructuring to the Neocron Service.

The German 4 slot server "Mercury" will be permanently shut down on 25th August 2012. Please ensure you take screenshots of important information such as your character's skills (each section of the F5 window) and any important in game E-Mails. We also reccomend you take screenshots of anything you wish to keep a memory of from your time on Mercury.

The character data from Mercury will be securely backed up and stored once the server is taken offline. We will then provide a secure transfer for characters on the Mercury server. In order to prevent further damage to the economy of the desination server; the Inventory (including implants and armour), GoGuardian and Appartments of characters will not be transfered. Only the character itself and its related skills will be moved.

We appreciate this news may be hard to accept, but offer this partial transfer as a compromise securing your investment of time leveling your characters.

The announcement in English can be found here, and the German announcement can be found here.

The Rares DB does keep a list of parts for the Mercury players. Shortly after the server is closed, we will hide all the Mercury parts from view. If there are any issues please drop myself (Brammers) a PM on the THN forums.

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