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KK Community announcement
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 30 May 2007

It's been a while since we heard from Holger Nathrath the CEO of ReaKKtor. Today he posted a community announcement for as whats in store for Neocron. It's not quite Neocron Evo 2.3, but a considerable change to the Neocron 2 world. The Factions are being changed.

Click on Read More to read a copy of the annoucement, and please discuss the changes on the official forums in this thread.

Community Statement from Holgar Nathrath 

We are glad that Neocron 2.2 was mostly received in a positive way. For that I’d like to thank everyone involved, our community, the great GM team and of course also the developers themselves for the good work and the cooperation. The integration of PayPal was also very successful and was well received. Approximately 50% of the players are using PayPal by now.

For the further development we have decided on a way that is supposed to reverse one of our most controversial decisions: When Neocron 2 was released, we divided the factions among two cities. The idea behind this was that “Good” and “Evil” would meet in the Wastelands and fight over the outposts there. Despite the clear goals, this concept didn’t really work out as planned, for different reasons. We heard many voices that wish the initial situation back.

For that reason we will bring the factions closer together again in our next package, to create a more complex gameplay with more variation. Not only will the factions, including HQs and apartments move to Neocron – the sympathy settings will also be reworked to offer a more interesting web of relationships as base for the gameplay.

Even though this package represents a considerable amount of work, as many NPCs, dialogs and missions have to be reworked and tested, we do not consider the changes spectacular enough to call them Neocron 2.3. Therefore they will be integrated in a normal patch and will be prepared through storyline developments. We’d like to invite all of you to participate in those events and to support the GMs through presence and cooperation. All these changes will require about 2-3 months of development time. More precise dates will follow at a later time. Furthermore, as opposed to Evol 2.2, there will be bugfixing patches during this time, as well as some important changes like i.e. an update of the Soullight system.

We hope that this decision meets the majority’s wishes and we are looking forward to reviving the Neocron 1 feeling and the Pepper Park fights.
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