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Dear KK (Kirk); Update No 2.
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 02 September 2011

Another post update, not from ReaKKtor, but community member LOKI , who has this week been making efforts to get some answers on the state of Neocron.

It doesn't answer all the questions that the community has been asking, however Kirk is planning to repond to the thread next week.

Here is what LOKI posted to the forums.

"I just got off the phone after a 20 minute conversation with Kirk Lenke. On reading my post, and a couple of the PM's I have sent him over the months, he asked for a contact number to call me on.

In the 20 minutes we had on the phone, we discussed a lot about Neocron, its current state and its future. Kirk went into a lot of detail about certain things that I'm not sure I can discuss here, so I'll share with you the basics of what he specifically said I could talk about.

Pretty much the first point that came up was IP (Intellectual Property). I don't think I am over-stepping the line in saying this, as I'm pretty sure this is information that could be obtained from various Google searches/phone calls. Neocron is the IP of ReaKKtor Media, and Black Prophecy is the IP of Gamigo. So... what does that mean?

Essentially, it means that the team at KK are paid to work on BP, and only BP. They are not paid to work on Neocron. As such, the (failed) 174 patch of over a year ago was worked on by their developers in their FREE TIME. This is a big deal, and is something I wasn't entirely aware of prior to our phone call. This isn't the only issue though.

Kirk also confirmed what we already knew. The code is old, haggered and an utter nightmare to work with.

On a plus note, however, work is currently underway on re-developing the anti-cheat patch which failed many months ago; again, in their free time. Kirk did give me a rough ETA, but I can't share that. If he feels it's a date they can stick to, then I'm sure he will share it when he responds to this thread.

Kirk seemed like a nice bloke, and it seems I may have misjudged him based only on his lack of presence on this forum. It was clear to me on that phone call that Kirk is genuine when he says he cares about Neocron, and is proud of what the game achieved many years ahead of its time. I believe him when he says he is working on kick starting the development of Neocron 3, but for the reasons outlined above, there's a lot more to it than just taking 'some' of the team off Black Prophecy. Sadly, it's never going to be that simple.

Kirk was honest with me about everything I asked. Nothing was ignored or brushed away. Again, I wish I could share the entirety of our conversation, but some of what Kirk said is better left for him to share himself.

He said he'd take the time to read and reply to this at some point next week, and he's aware the timer is still ticking ;)"

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