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Clarification regarding the current payment provider issues
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 09 October 2008

Snowcrash just posted this little post to clarify the current payment provider issues.

"In course of the issues we are encountering due to the insolvency, we have explained that all Neocron 2 accounts have been enabled for free play. This explanation has obviously led to some confusion which we would like to clarify.

Currently it is not possible to renew or create accounts by using PayPal as payment provider. This is related to issues at Paypal that are beyond our sphere of influence. To compensate this, we have decided to put game points on all accounts to allow players, who are using PayPal, to continue playing until the issues have been fixed. All other accounts using PaybyCash and Click2Pay are being billed as normal with 5 Euro per month subscription fee.

Under the current circumstances we see no other option to address these issues as we do not want to lock out players using PayPal as payment method. In order to compensate our customers who are using different payment methods but still pay for some of their accounts, we have enabled the previous mentioned game points to reactivate all expired accounts. This means that you can access any of your additional accounts that are currently expired regardless what kind of payment method you use without getting charged until further notice. Accounts that are in the regular payment cycle are getting billed as usual.

As we have already explained, Reakktor will continue its business but there are still issues to address which make things a bit more complicating. We can only ask you for your understanding and would like to thank those who are standing loyally at our side during this difficult times.

Feel free to discuss this in this official forum thread.

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