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Patch 169-173 - Servers online.
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 08 July 2010

Well, I have to admit this. None of us was expecting this to happen.

Yes folks, after 2 and half years, we have a patch. Here is what Thanatos announced on the forums and the launcher.

"This patch is not a content patch, but a technical patch to increase the security of Neocron's network traffic. These changes will break all known cheat programs.

Neocron now also requires newer Visual C++ runtimes. Odds are that another game or program has already installed these on your PC, but if Neocron does not start after applying the patch, you will need to go to Microsoft and download and install the vcredist_x86.exe at the bottom of the page."

So hopefully the cheaters will be gone, but it's not clear if this patch addresses the current stability (Such as mini-rollbacks etc) issues with Neocron.

Update: 23:41 - By Brammers: It looks like there is an issue with the patch.

"Unfortunately we haven't been able to resolve the issues with crashing on zoning yet. We'll keep working on it but right now it looks unlikely we'll be able to fix it tonight."

I've have tried to connect, but it fails to connect to the server. I am assuming Reakktor have stop the server to stop anyone patching or playing until they fix the problem. News of patch 170 and 171 will be posted here as soon as I hear about it.

Update: 16:33 9th July - By Brammers.

Another hotfix (172), and all the servers are back online.

Update: 11:10 12th July - By Brammers.

Looks like the problem wasn't fixed, and I have mis-reported that the servers are back online. My apologies for this.

This is the latest news:-

"Hey Community,
I'm not happy to tell you that we've decided to keep the server downtime during this weekend. We've tried fix the problems but we don't have any progress on that right now. We want to be fair so now you have to choose the second best choice for this weekend.

To be honest: This patch was tested without any problems on our local machines. This behaviour was a big surprise to us. So please excuse these unexpected changes.

We will not stop digging - if we have new information we will give it to you."

There is a thread open here.

Update: 18:32 12th July - By Brammers.

Another hotfix (173) has appeared on the FTP server, however no NC for us to play. This was the last update posted by Thanatos

"Unfortunately we haven't been able to get rid of the world crashes yet so we'll need to keep the servers down until at least tomorrow. "

Update: 21:14 13th July - Brammers.

An update from Thanatos. Sadly, it's still a no-go.

"Unfortunately we'll still have to continue our work tomorrow, so the servers will have to stay down for another day."

Update: 08:00 15th July - By Brammers.

No more news has been released since the last update,

Update: 23:53 16th July - By Brammers

The servers are online, however they do appear to be very unstable. My recommendation (And I mean mine personally, not the THN) is to be very careful. However, if you do have any comments or bugs reports, please contribute then here.

Update 12:57 17th July - By You know who.

Servers are down again until at least Monday, while the devs work on the issues.

Update 12.14 20th July- By the man with the Golden Zsusun

Servers are up, and it's seems to be looking better, however play with care! If you get any crashes or issues, please report them in this thread .

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