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Neocron DNS issues
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Due to a DNS issue, some Neocron players have not been able to play Neocron for the last few days, while some have players have been fine. Also the Neocron forums have not been accessable.

However this morning I was able to access the forums, and Nidhogg has just posted this update.

"There was a major DNS switcharound and it can take a couple of days to filter the changes around all the servers. Had we been informed in advance that this was going to happen we'd have posted a warning, but sadly we weren't. :/

The DNS problems should be resolved now but it's possible there are geographies where people are still unable to see us.

Sorry about that, all. "

So if you can't connect now, my advice would be to try a little later. If you can't still connect, feel free to leave a message on the THN forums.

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