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Downtime for major hardware exchange - Servers back online!
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

This little announcement has appeared on the forums, by Snowcrash.

"All servers will be shut down for a major hardware exchange on Thursday, 25th at about 03:00 PM GMT. Due to technical circumstances the downtime will be about two days, means that we expect to have the servers back online on Saturday, 27th at around 01:00 PM GMT."

Yes folks, the hamsters are getting "exchanged!" (I'm joking to anyone who is taking my last comment serriously!)

Update: 30 Mar 12:44 BST - Sorry for the lack of updates here, I had not realise the servers were not back. As things stand, the servers are not back. I'm not able to find any ETA anywhere. However Hoder did give this very amusing update .

Update: 30 Mar 17:18 BST - An update from Nidhogg "There was a pretty serious network infrastructure issue yesterday that we're still waiting to be resolved. Damn pipes. Sorry, all!"

It has been report that the game launcher page is up, but the game servers are not available

Update: 31 Mar 16:45 BST - No further updates have been released by KK

Update: 1st April 15:30 BST - No updates, but we do have uncomfirmed reports that the Hamsters are at the ESA to be shot to the moon in an old Sojus space capsule...

Update: 1st April 16:23 BST - Opps, I've been pulled over by the copbots and told there was an update. This was posted by Snowcrash here.

"Unfortunately we have to inform you that the Neocron servers are not yet operational. During the hardware exchange technical issues arised that were not predictable. As if this would not be enough, we are experiencing issues with the internet connection of the servers. We strive to bring the servers back online as soon as possible but still cannot give you an ETA.

And no, this unfortunately no April’s fool."

Update 6th April 10:26 BST - As expected more news, but there was a little update yesterday to say nothing has changed from Trivaldi.

"Today (5th April 2010) is Easter Monday in Germany which is a national holiday, due to this the earliest likely update would probably be some time tomorrow. However, please appreciate this is not a guarantee of an update.

Once we know the latest, you guys will be first to know.

Your continued patience is appreciated.

Update 8th April 11:02 BST - By Brammers - No change in status, except this small update from Nidhogg in this post yesterday.

"P.S. The Easter break put a crimp in our plans. Hopefully not too long to go now... "

So it's now been 14 days since the servers went down, and 11 days since they was expected to be back online. The THN will do it's best to keep NC fans up to date.

Update 9th April 11:52 BST - Good news from Trivaldi.

"Some servers may currently appear online however if you do get logged in please be aware they may drop out again, stay tuned for further information.

Once we know the game is good to go, an official announcement will be made."

So steady as she goes...

Update 9th April 13:58 BST - Looks like there is a minor issue with the server names being the wrong way around. Looks like Mars and Terra are the wrong way around.

Update 9th April 15:05 BST - This update in from Trivaldi and the official announcement has been updated.

"An issue has occurred during the re-configuration of the servers which has resulted in a mix-up of database data.

This has happened as the servers have been completely re-installed which has not happened for quite some time. Our IT department is currently working hard to bring the servers back online in their correct state.

Please appreciate this will take some time and we cannot guarantee the servers will be back online today."

So it's SNAFU and a bit more downtime is needed to swap the DB's around.

Update 9th April 16:38 BST - Another updates, servers back online and in the right places.

"The issue relating to mismatched character data has now been resolved; characters should now be available on the correct servers in the state they were in previous to the downtime. We apologise for the extended nature of the downtime but the servers are now back up and running for your enjoyment.

Mars is currently online as a four character slot server, for the time being please
do not use these additional slots while we obtain an official confirmation that the server won’t be returning to a one slot server. Should the server be reduced back to one slot no compensation will be given for characters made after the downtime and then lost from these new slots."

So don't use those extra slots on Mars! If Mars does become a four slot server, we will let you know.

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