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Test Server Patch 168
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 08 March 2007

With less than 4 days to go, another patch comes up. This patch focuses on the combat rank changes, and some general fixes. Click on Read more for the patch notes and join in the discussion here.

Oh yes, one more thing test the patch! :p

- We have intensively worked on a solution for the combat rank problem. The combat rank is now based on the following influence factors:
* Average mainskill rank (20% weight)
* Specific mainskill rank (50% weight) - depends on the current weapon (i.e. for APU it is PSI)
* Average resistance skill value (10% weight)
* Average armor value (10% weight)
* Maximal health value (10% weight)

In addition, certain factors have been added to consider the different classes' properties:
- Offensive factor: corresponds to the weighting of the damage generation (i.e. APU is 100%)
- Defensive factor: corresponds to the resistance cap of the different classes/orientations (i.e. PPU 92%) - this factor corrects weak armor values
- Health factor: corresponds to the possible max value for the main skill 'Constitution' - this factor corrects weak max health values
- Combat rank will also not update as frequently, the rank difference has to be higher than 2 to update.
- Vehicles can have a combat rank of up to 80. The vehicle's combat rank replaces the runner's combat rank while he is using it.

- Fixed a bug that prevented LE runners from doing damage to NPCs.
- Adjusted jump height. It is now possible to leave the Abandoned Cellar Lvl.4 again
- Reduced the runspeed penalty caused by a damaged leg hitzone. Runspeed is now reduced to 75% (was 50%) of the normal value at most. The penalty appears when the leg hitzone drops below 25% of the normal value (was 40%).
- All stamina boosters can now be used without restrictions or stamina reduction.
- Calculation of skill modifiers re-adjusted. If you add more than necessary skillpoints to one ability (i.e. Pistol Combat -> damage with P-C), you will get more out of it.
- Increased the possible damage loss for badly aimed PSI casts, the damage is reduced by 65% (used to be 50%).
- The frequency factor removed in patch 167 caused PSI casts to be "lost". Therefore the frequencies are lower again, but in return the damage was increased by 20%.
- Weapons below TL 10 do more damage now.
- Changed the Mr. Jones stealth tool's duration to 5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
- Updated the tutorial character's skills to more reasonable values.
- Fixed a bug with updates of armor values.
- The Neocron Evolution 2.2 Client will run on the first processor/core per default - this solves different timing problems
- The framerate will be locked at 66 FPS (15 Milliseconds per Frame) to guarantee a stable client and 'normally timed' netupdates.
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