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Test Server Patch 167
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 05 March 2007

Another test patch to put the server in retail conditions mode, and to add a few changes to combat rank. There is also some code changes the Law Enforce and PSI combat. Click on Read More for the patch notes, and join in the discussion of the patch here.

Since the release of 2.2 is delayed by a week, it's expected there will be a few more patches so get testing!

- Line of sight verification of APU modules changed: more hit tolerance added
- Range psi modules now work like other known range weapons, you can aim without target and use the ground
- A hardcoded modifier has reduced the shot gap for psi weapons - this has caused a lower frequency - removed

- Color orientation for psi-support changed/fixed: deflector = gray, absorber = blue, protector = red
- PSI-Shield produced a catharsis-effect from other player's view - fixed

- Calculation for combat rank updated - Influences are healthpoints, resist skills, armor and the current weapon
- Updatebug fixed (use/leave vehicle)
- Calculation for vehicle combat rank updated - Influences are hitpoints, armor and possible weapons

- Different changes to get retail conditions on the testserver:
- SkillGain: Skillgain used to be ten times higher than on retail - changed
- Synaptic Impairment Gain: This value used to be five times higher than on retail - changed
- LoM Pills without 'Synaptic Impairment': unchanged until retail
- Re-enabled quickbelt drop to get retail conditions
- Returned all worlds that have been modified for the testserver back to retail state
- Added all new items to vendors/faction traders/rarepool etc.
- Added more junk drops to genotoxic mobs

- Fixed a bug with shot time for laser cannons (i.e. Laserbeam Cannon)
- NPC-Orientation bug fixed
- Different bugs fixed with the law enforcer verification
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