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Test Server - Patch 166
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 01 March 2007
Ahead of the inpending release of 2.2, another test server patch is released. This patch address some of the balance issues. The disccusion thread can be found here.

Patch Notes - 166

- Line of sight verification will be used at the beginning of the cast - if the target is in line of sight, the damage will be generated in any case (even if the target moves out of LoS during the cast)
- Casts without targets will fail (and will not be ignored)
- Aiming penalty reduced: The maximum damage reduction for poorly aimed casts is now half (was one quarter)

- 'Paw Of Tiger' changed - new techlevel is 80
- New rare variation of brass knuckles added -> Perforator, Lowtech-Melee, TL 82 (will replace the 'Electric Tempest')

- Use restrictions for driver seats changed: the INT mainskill requirement was removed, VHC subskill requirements have been adjusted

- Fixed a bug that caused fall damage when players shot each other from large height differences

- All penalties lowered to one third of their current values
- We are working on another concept for useful (but not painful) penalties on the implants

- New genotoxic power armor for Private Eye (M-C Orientation) changed to UseRestriction TL 80
- Lowered requirements for PAs 3 and 4 from 112 to 110 and 124 to 115 respectively. Also adjusted Tank P-C, R-C and PE H-C PA requirements.

- NPC health is now group independent (i.e. Plants and mutants of the same combat rank have similar health) and has been lowered across the board - damage and armor values will stay the same (group specific)

- Different damage modifiers changed (if a topic is not addressed it will stay unchanged)
- PvE Mod: + 5 Percent
- EvP Mod: - 5 Percent
- M-C Mod: + 5 Percent
- H-C Mod: + 5 Percent
- P-C Mod: + 5 Percent
- R-C Mod: + 5 Percent
- APU Mod: + 5 Percent
- VHC Mod: + 20 Percent

- Decreased the monster spawn density in the following dungeons/caves:
- Abandoned Cellars
- Chaos Caves
- Swamp Caves
- Desert Underground City
- Regant's Legacy - Main Detention
- Juggernaut Facility
- Gaia Mines
- Worm Tunnels
- Dangerous Canyon Caves
- DoY Tunnels
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