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Test Server - Patch 165
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Another balancing patch has hit the test server. There are some changes to Melee weapons, and PSI weapons in this patch. Discuss the patch in this thread, or click Read More for the patch notes.


- Re-enabled ALT + F4 functionality
- Flag added inside file 'Neocron.ini' to activate/deactivate log-files for status of local player and damage in general
* add: ENABLELOG = "TRUE" to activate this functionality (i.e. for runner setup)
* add: ENABLELOG = "FALSE" to deactivate this functionality (i.e. for bigger fights)
- Interval to make screenshots limited to 2 seconds - number of maximal screenshots: 128
- Calculation of 'MaxLoad' changed - new skill level is 65 (was 75). So you will need a lower level in the subskill 'Transport (TRA)' to reach the maximum load value
- 'Drugflash Exploit' fixed

[Items - Weapons]
- Frequency of melee weapons raised - they range between 50 - 100 hits per minute (was 37.50 - 60)
- Weight of melee weapons checked and changed
- Stamina usage of melee weapons raised - this figure is directly connected to the weight of the weapons (factor 8.00)
- General damage modifier for melee weapons changed: -5.00 percent (Reason: It's not possible to miss your target)

- Factor for psi-usage (usage of points from the psi-energy pool if you cast a psi module) reduced to 1.2 (was 1.4)
- Frequency for aggressive psi modules raised - shot time is reduced by 0.50 seconds for each module
- Maximum count of DoT-types to remove raised (i.e. Anti-Poison)
- PSI-Usage of rare ppu-modules raised (factor 1.5)
- PSI-Usage of shields (single, group, sanctum) lowered (factor 0.75)

- Final sounds for injector tools added
- Nanite packets now have separate colors
- Intoxication from nanite overdoses has a higher duration: 120 Sec. (was 60)

[Items - Armor]
- Added two new power armors for class spy - Mainskill DEX, TL 112, Orientation: P-C and R-C
- Added three new power armors for class private eye - Mainskill DEX/STR, TL 90, Orientation: P-C, R-C and M-C

- Increased the rare part drop rate for high level monsters and added junk drops to some. Mobs with a skill rank of 120 or more should drop at least 1 rare part (up to 3). Mobs with a skill rank between 100 and 120 have a high chance of dropping one rare part (up to two).
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