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Test server - Patch 164
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Hot on the heals of patch 163, is patch 164. This patch reduces the shelter and deflector strength, and fixes some nanite bugs.  Any bugs please put them in the bug forum.

Click on Read more for the patch notes, and feel free to talk about the patch in this thread.

- The support modules (i.e. Heal or Deflector) were reduced by another modifier wich was not our intention - so with the following changes we'll try to get the original figures back.
- Max shield reduction reduced to 0.25 (was 0.35) - this means that max protection from a shield can be 25 percent for normal casts
- Heals (Single, Group, Sanctum) reduced to 65 percent

- 'Basic Organism Cleaner': Nanites will reduce normal DoT-types to 5 second duration - the nanite activity will have a length of 10 seconds (200 %)
- 'Advanced Organism Cleaner': Nanites will reduce support/antisupport-types to 15 second duration - The nanite activity will have a length of 22.5 seconds (150 %)
- Regeneration strength reduced to 65 percentage of strength - duration and regeneration activity will have a duration of 30 seconds
- Injectors are now properly researchable and nanites can be properly cloned like ammo.
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