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Test server patch 163
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 05 February 2007

Test server patch 163 has hit Quan. This patch balances some of the mobs, PSI spells, and introduces Nanites.

The test server patches can be view here, and the notes about nanites can be viewed in this thread. Or you can click on read more to view the patch notes and also the notes about Nanites.

Patch 163 Patch notes 

Any bugs or topics of dicussion please post in this thread

- The PSI consumption of modules has been increased from a factor 1.0 to 1.4
- Conditions for overcast changed/fixed: The buff's strength has to be stronger than 125 % of the existing one and the duration has to be equal or longer
- Shield decay raised: Incoming damage reduces shields by 15 percent (was 5) depending on the kind of damage
- Self-/foreigncast ruleset deleted - new ruleset will decide between PPU-selfcast and normal cast:
The algorithm verifies a runner as a PPU-Monk if he/she has an APU level wich is not higher than 15 percent of the PPU-level (+ class 'PSI Monk')
- Selfcast (and boosted strength of effect) will stay active after zoning
- Missing temporary effect on other players fixed (i.e. deflector)
- A positive skill of the other psi orientation will reduce the strength of a psi-module (PPU <-> APU)

- Basic Protection Tool added (TL 28, 52, 76)
- Advanced Protection Tool added (TL 72, 86, 100)
- Nanite Pyrolizer added (TL 80)
- Basic Organism Cleaner added (TL 36, 48)
- Advanced Organism Cleaner added (TL 44, 58)
- Personal Injector added TL 16
- Specific ammos and ammo mods for nanite injectors added
*** These tools, ammo and mods are sold by 3 traders in the Neocronstruct ***

- New temporary effects added for nanite activity and protection against force, piercing, fire, energy, x-ray, poison
- New types of debuffing implemented: DoT-Fire, DoT-Poison, DoT-Energy, DoT-Xray, DoT-Contamination
- New types of debuffing implemented: AntiHeal, AntiDeflector, AntiAbsorber, AntiProtector, AntiStun, AntiDamageBoost

- Shields or heals of these different technologies won't work together and will be ignored if another type is active

- A very damaged leg hitzone will not reduce run speed any lower than 50 percent of normal speed (was 40 percent)
- The run speed calculation was changed to require more skill - in effect, all run speeds have been lowered to 95% of the old values.

- Damage by vehicle-weapons will now use the vehicle as the applier - not the gunner. If you get a 'Killed by' the name of the vehicle will appear
- Damage by vehicle-weapons will be ignored by the passengers of this vehicle

- Modifiers adjusted to scale NPC healthpoints:
- Low Level: 0.65 (was 0.75)
- Medium Level: 0.75 (was 1.00)
- High Level: 0.80 (was 1.00)
- End Level: 1.00

- Update problem with ammotypes fixed

- Different problems with targets fixed (effect wich ended in ignoring damage on the server side)
- Clip size of gatlin drones increased (factor 4)


These notes was taken from this thread.

Nanite Technology

Nanites are contained in a liquid that can be injected into the human organism, where they can execute different tasks. Nanites are categorized in different classes, providing information about their quality, possible applications and permitted levels of concentration in the human body.

Evolution history:
BioTech has developed the initial form of all nanite classes available today – in the beginning, they were cooperating with the Crahn Brotherhood, who were very interested in this technology. The cooperation ended when their views concerning the usage of the memory unit in the „Class B Nanites“ clashed. BioTech claims that Crahn was planning on using them as military weapon, which lead to BioTech distancing themselves from this type of technology and heavily regulated any follow-up projects.

Therefore BioTech was working alone on the further development of the nanite technology – while Crahn was working on possible uses of the available technology (Class B variation).

The injectors have their roots in medicine – they have however been improved to be used outside of sterile environments. Different levels of precision are required for the particular nanite types to prevent damage from friction or pressure.

Users will need a certain level of intelligence and medical knowledge to use the injectors (subskill Implant).

Only the Injector Tool distinguishes itself with very easy handling as it was designed to be used by combat troops far away from their base and medical help.

Nanite Categories

Class A
Prototype for motor function and tolerance in living organisms – no longer in use today.

Class B
First type used on humans. Their size allows them to settle in the human body’s main arteries. Their small memory unit can be used to configure them for different applications. Based on our current knowledge level, Class B Nanites are considered at least questionable by BioTech, as they can heavily strain the organism and rapidly „over-settle“ it. In addition, nanite traces have been found in bodies even years after their use – some studies even claim that gene defects and damage to the genotype are possible.

Variations: The „Class B+“ Nanites have a larger memory unit.

Class C
Prototype for a variation that can be quickly broken down by the body.

Class D
This type is the first real advancement by BioTech. It settles in the whole blood circuit and is programmed for specific tasks during the fabrication process, under heavy security measures – any outside manipulation is impossible thereafter. This type is only used to protect the organism by converting harmful substances into harmless emissions.

Variations: The „Class D (A+)“ Nanites have been created to initialize a controlled release of adrenaline.

Class F
This type represents the currently highest evolution level for this technology – further size reductions seem unthinkable. Using these nanites requires a maximum of precision to prevent any damage to the very fragile nanite structure. In return, the minimal size of these nanites allows very high concentrations in the body, as they do not hinder any vital processes. Other than their predecessors they do not infiltrate the blood circulation, but rather act through the vegetative nervous system – without noticeably irritating it.

Effects on the human organism
Nanite technology offers a broad spectrum of application in the human organism and can execute life-saving tasks – despite this, nanites remain a foreign organism and can heavily strain the organism. For this reason, BioTech has defined a maximal nanite concentration that should not be exceeded, at the risk of causing serious damage to the organism.

Therefore, a maximal concentration of 100 percent has been defined in the game – this concentration can not be exceeded in foreign support (any injection attempts that would lead to a higher concentration fail). Only self-injections allow a higher concentration. This can however have negative consequences.


Group 1: Protection Nanites

Use Restrictions: Intelligence (INT), HighTech Combat (T-C) and Implant (IMP)
Selfcast: Yes
Foreigncast: No
Technology 1: Cryton SPIT Basic Protection Tool (Class D Nanites)
Technology 2: Cryton SPIT Advanced Protection Tool (Class F Nanites)
Technology 3: Cryton SPPT Nanite Pyrolizer (Class B Nanites)

This technology is based on the principle of transforming harmful energies into harmless ones and ejecting them.

Cryton SPIT Basic Protection Tool
The Class D Nanites could only be efficiently configured for energy groups – therefore only energy combinations are available for this tool. The nanite concentration of one injection lies around 20-25 percent.
-Cryton Mixed PR-FAP Nanites: Force and Piercing
-Cryton Mixed PR-EAR Nanites: Energy and X-ray
-Cryton Mixed PR-BAT Nanites: Fire and Poison

Cryton SPIT Advanced Protection Tool
This tool can use Class F nanites, with considerably better properties – one of them being the configuration for single energy types. The nanite concentration of one injection lies around 10-15 percent.
-Cryton ProForce Nanites
-Cryton ProPiercing Nanites
-Cryton ProBurn Nanites
-Cryton ProEnergy Nanites
-Cryton ProRadiation Nanites
-Cryton ProToxic Nanites

Cryton SPPT Nanite Pyrolizer
This tool uses special Class B Nanites to destroy other nanites and remove them from the body. This process requires an extremely high concentration per injection, which considerably strains the organism. Therefore a rest phase before using more nanites is unavoidable.
-Cryton Pyrolization Nanites

Group 2: Regeneration Nanites

Use Restrictions: Constitution (CON) and Body Health (HLT)
Selfcast: Yes
Foreigncast: No

This technology comes from the medical field and was developed to trigger an intelligent adrenaline release that doesn’t strain the organism, to reactivate lost energy reserves.

BioTech EPIT Personal Injector
This tool uses a modification of the Class D Nanites (Class D (A+)), which are able to detect damaged cell tissue and release adrenaline in those areas. The nanite concentration of one injection lies around 40-50 percent. A higher concentration of these nanites would not provide any additional healing, as the amount of adrenaline released into the body can not go any higher than allowed.
-BioTech Regeneration Nanites

Group 3: Purgation Nanites

Use Restrictions: Intelligence (INT), Focussing (FCS) and Implant (IMP)
Selfcast: Yes
Foreigncast: Yes
Technology 1: Crahn CIT Basic Organism Cleaner (Class B Nanites)
Technology 2: Crahn CIT Advanced Organism Cleaner (Class B+ Nanites)

This type of nanites settles at specific locations in the human organism to detect and reduce intrusions and manipulations. The Class B variations focus on the heart, the center of the human blood cycle to absorb harmful substances until they are destroyed by said substances. Their derivative (Class B+) operates in the brain to detect and eliminate psychic manipulations.

Crahn CIT Basic Organism Cleaner
This tool allows the usage of Class B Nanites, to minimize temporary damage. The nanite concentration of one injection lies around 30-35 percent.
-Crahn DeToxic Nanites
-Crahn DeBurn Nanites
-Crahn DeShock Nanites
-Crahn DeRadiation Nanites
-Crahn DeContamination Nanites

Crahn CIT Advanced Organism Cleaner
This injector uses the modified nanite type „Class B+“. This nanite type detects psychic manipulations and reduces the duration of this effect. The nanite concentration of one injection lies around 35-40 percent, as the effects are stronger close to the brain.
-Crahn AntiHeal Nanites
-Crahn AntiDeflector Nanites
-Crahn AntiProtector Nanites
-Crahn AntiAbsorber Nanites
-Crahn AntiParaShock Nanites
-Crahn AntiDamageBoost Nanites

Nanite-Technology balancing aspects:

The injectors listed above are – as promised – tailored for the classes Spy, GenTank and Private Eye. However, no class restrictions have been defined, so it is very possible that there is some overlap – we want to implement these tools with logical restrictions to allow several classes access to this feature. However, the high TechLevel versions should only be accessible by the specified classes.

Class Spy:
The Spy receives a protection functionality that can be used in very varied ways. He can support up to 8 simultaneous injections (when using the Advanced series) without suffering any side effects. The strength of this protection is comparable to that of PPU shields.

To prevent possible „Shit-Buffs“ the Spy is the only class that has the possibility to completely neutralize all nanite activity in his body – however he then has to accept a resting phase before he can reapply his nanite protection.

Class Private Eye:
The Private Eye receives some support roles through the tools listed above. They are intentionally different from those of a high level PPU, to prevent them from being replaced or even reach their level of performance. The nanite concentration limits the usage of these roles over a certain time span - therefore this combat support is only a supplement. The support class is and remains the PPU!

Class GenTank:
Thanks to the regeneration nanites, the GenTank can now heal himself independently again. The use restrictions require certain levels of CON und HLT to make sure that the organism can deal with the strain. However, basically all capped players can meet these requirements, so this tool can be used by all classes.

Incompatibility with PSI activity
We will implement the following restrictions at the start of the nanite technology:
-Protection from nanites prevents simultaneous protection from PSI (and vice versa)
-Healing from nanites prevents healing from PSI (and vice versa)

We consider this base concept conclusive and think it fits well into the existing game mechanics – of course some fine-tuning will be required, after all the nanite technology is in a beta phase at best! Should you have any more questions, we will try to answer them as best as we can.

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