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Test server - Patch 162
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007
After the Christmas break KK are getting back upto speed with the test server. Patch 162 has been released to Quan, the test server. Patch notes and discussion can be found here. If you just want to read the patch notes, click on Read More. [HUD]
- Information for drones updated/modified
- Skill window (F5) will only show absolute figures (down rounded in any case) depending on our use restriction system
* Example (Bonus): Subskill PSI Use holds 42 skillpoints
The sum of modifier values reaches 21.58 skillpoints
The result is 63.58
The window will show 63 (+21)
* Example (Penalty): Subskill Endurance holds 32 skillpoints
The sum of modifier values reaches -17.24 skillpoints
The result is 14.76
The window will show 14 (-18) - this looks like penalties are rounded up but this isn't the truth, it's only a side effect from the main value
- Missing damage over time values added for weapon info: Type, Strength, Duration
- Missing damage over time values added for ammo info: Type, Strength, Duration
- Drone crosshair removed (Drones will have the usual one)

- Sniper Aim-Handicap implemented - aiming without zoom will be very slow now
- Cast-Timeout deleted - this could happen if a monk cast without a target
- Calculation of effects resulting from skills (actionmods) will only use positive skill values (like it was before)
- Missing outpost bonus fixed
- Processing of 'HitRegion' changed for more variation

- Aiming process added (Target/Range)
- Shot process changed/updated/fixed
- Shot sounds added
- Resistance based on remaining energy changed, MaxResistanceCap added (65 %)
- Kamikaze Drone creates more than one explosion-damage - fixed
- Every drone creates a small explosion after destruction

- Destruction-explosion fixed (greater radius and verification changes)
- Condition bug fixed
- Verification of damage by vehicle-weapons (i.e. NEXT ER Assault Bike V.2) changed/fixed

[Items - Weapons]
- 'Group DamageBoost' and 'Group ParaShock' fixed (self protection added)
- Holy Exorcist doesn't work as a selftarget spell, fixed
- 'Holy Catharsis' doesn't remove more than one dot-damage stack (i.e. poison) - fixed, it removes up to 6 stacks now
- 'Crahn Resurrection' has a lower TL - 43 instead of 48
- Cast frequency raised for the following series: Heal, Deflector, Protector, Absorber and the rares Unprotector, Exorcist, Catharsis, True Sight Sanctum
- Heal duration reduced to 60 seconds (equals to 30 healticks)
- AmmoMods for WoC-Weapons added/fixed
- Added main skill restrictions to WoC weapons (Ion Xbow DEX 103, Ceres Handgun & Ceres Rifle DEX 113)

[Items - Implants]
- Experimental Mindcontrol CPU - Boni +INT dropped, Penalties changed: -VHC instead of -STR
- Hacking Accelerator - Penalties changed: -PSI, -FCS instead of -CST, -RES
- Marines CPU - Penalties changed: -INT, -HCK instead of -DEX, -AGL
- T-Haven CPU - Penalties changed: -T-C, -WEP instead of -CON, -ATL
- Special SWAT Processor - Penalties changed: -STR, -H-C instead of -CON, -ATL
- Special Forces CPU - Penalties changed: -STR, -M-C instead of -CON, -ATL
- Special Rigger Interface - Penalty changed: -HLT instead of -CON
- Area MC5 Hercules CPU - Boni/Penalties changed: +PCR instead of +TRA, +ATL instead of +END, -P-C, -R-C instead -DEX, -AGL
- Area MC5 Close Combat Projector - Penalties changed: -PSU, -FCS instead of -CON, -ATL
- Area MC5 Distance Projector - Penalties changed: -PSU, -FCS instead of -CON, -ATL

[Items - Armor]
- Missing belts added for Battle-, Kevlar-, Carbon-, Duranium- and Inquisition-series

- ASG-Window: Missing vehicle name fixed
- CityCom\Info\Runner: Missing vehicle name fixed
- GMTool\Info\Runner: Missing vehicle name fixed
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