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Test Server Patch - 161
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
Just in time for the Christmas break, a test server patch comes out with a bunch of fixes. Interesting, the quality scaling system for implants and armour has been turned off for this patch. Remember to report bugs in the balancing forums! Or click on Read more for the patch notes.

[Character System]

- Recalculation of skills activated - PSI trainpoints will be added under DEX and INT (For GenTank only)
- Fixed wrong health indicator colors for hit-zones, especially the zone 'Torso'
- Error in the hit-zone verification fixed
- Exploit with heal-modules for resurrection fixed
- Error in verification for fall damage fixed
- Faster loss of synaptic impairment enabled (like on Neptune)

[Weapons - Combat]

- Tweaked the range modifier for raygun weapon damage output
- Usage of stamina for psi-modules disabled
- Different casting problems eliminated
- If there is no target the monks can't cast (usage for non-aoe-modules)
- Fixed 'Gatlin Rifle Phosphor Ammo'
- Fixed 'PSI Combat Booster'
- Increased use restrictions for psi-modules
- Changed and increased calculation of target acquisition speed
- Improved balancing of target acquisition speed and precision of H-C weapons
- Decreased short range precision of sniper rifles
- Firing range of freezer weapons fixed
- Incorrect spread of H-C range weapon damage fixed


- Disabled quality scaling system
- Fixed item requirements for T-Haven CPU, Advanced Tactical Mercenary CPU
- Fixed bonuses of Special Rigger Interface
- 'Crahn Combat Core CPU' now has a penalty on subskill 'PPU'
- 'Crahn Support Core CPU' now has a penalty on subskill 'APU'


- Disabled quality scaling system
- Fixed PPU PowerArmor colours


- Reduced NPC spawn in Abandoned Crahn Church
- NPCs now correctly save their armour values if you leave their zone
- Range of NPC-Melee-Weapons reduced


- Global damage-modificators adjusted
- PvP: - 5 %
- PvE: - 25 %
- EvP: - 25 %
- Combat categories: -5 % (M-C, P-C, H-C, APU, RCL)

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