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Test Server Details Availble
Written by CMaster   
Tuesday, 05 December 2006
Details about the test server character transfer and configuring your client for test server usage. Is this a sign of the immunent launch of the testserver tomorrow?

Updated 06/12/06

Reakktor have released a large amount of details regaurding operations on the 2.2 Test server today.

Regarding item aquisition and character transfer is this post, which states that there will be only one character transfer per account, and transfer requests take place via email. Then this post explains the method for configruing a client for test server usage and connecting to the test sever - you will effectivley require 2 installations of Neocron for this.

Intestingly, the last post here was made gone midnight german time, suggesting that perhaps some Reakktor employees are working through the night getting the test server ready. All this information and seeming urgency could be taken as an idication that the test server will be up tomorrow, baring any disasters.

Update: John Doe just gave more details on the test server, the official list of the PvP and PvE zones just got published in this post on the neocron forums.

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