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NC2.2 Update
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

Holgar has made a new annoucement in regards to Neocron 2.2 to find out more information please click this link to the taken to the thread or read on for a copied version of the annoucement.

First I’d like to seize this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year. Even though it is kind of late for that. I hope we’ll manage to further improve Neocron for you.

I have to say we were quite surprised by the reactions to our last announcement concerning Evol 2.2. The general rejection of our plans for Neocron 2.2 encouraged us to rethink and reschedule said plans -but Evol2.2 has not been canceled. We will however work on balancing and bug fixing first, in cooperation with the community.

Especially the balancing will change quite a few things in Neocron, as we would like to basically rebuild large parts of the system. We are still evaluating what can be realistically implemented in that regard. We also realize that the most important opinions is that of the players. Therefore we will cooperate closely with the community. All the balancing related discussions will be conducted in a new forum, where we will also use polls to give you the opportunity to vote on specific points.

The Reakktor staff will actively participate in this forum to create a real exchange between community and developers. We are especially pleased to have Jason "Dirus" Lehman as liaison between the community and the Neocron development team. He has a lot of interesting ideas on the topic and will certainly participate in many discussions.

To allow you to try out and comment on changes, we will also open an official test server again.

So, we are inviting all of you to actively participate in this process and hope you will do so in a relatively benevolent and patient matter. It will definitely be difficult to please everyone, but we hope to make this a transparent process that will provide a positive result for everyone.

In the Evol 2.2 planfile we mentioned a major change in the sector of payment services. This change is still in the works and will not be affected by the delay of Evol 2.2.

Holger Nathrath

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