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Evolution 2.2 Public Test Server Announcement
Written by Delphi   
Friday, 24 November 2006

Dirk "John Doe" Wilhelmy, Senior Programmer at Reakktor Media, has just announced the date for the start of the public Neocron Evolution 2.2 public test server phase.


We [Reakktor] have selected the 49th calendar week (December 4-8 2006) for the start of the public test server phase. The character transfer will be made available then, allowing you to copy runners from the other three servers to the test server. Existing characters on Neptune can also be used. Furthermore, the test server will have four character slots.

Unfortunately we can not provide a character transfer from Neptune to the other servers, as the different server settings would create an imbalance – we hope for your understanding.

Neptune will become unavailable for normal gameplay starting December 1. After creating a database backup, we will begin to adjust the server for the test phase. The server’s data will be restored when the Evolution 2.2 package is being released – when that will be can only be determined during the test phase.

Over the coming weeks we will provide you with additional information regarding the start of the test server phase. The last discussion topic before the test server phase will be „Influence factors on weapon behavior“ which will start next week. There will also be an overview of the Evo 2.2 changes and some rules and references concerning test server procedures – in the near future ...

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