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Content patch news!
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 29 November 2007

Well personally as a player of Neocron, it's been a very long month with very little news of what is happening about the F6 patch. Well today, John Doe posted some news on the patch which is being well recieved by the community.

"The additions for the content patch are nearly finished and are currently in testing. We apologize for the repeated delay, but are happy to finally be able to make this announcement.

Primary changes are obviously the new faction-relationships and -territories. We also took your wishes and the results from the PvE discussion into account."

But thats not all, Snowcrash went to reveal a few more details of the upcoming changes. Click on Read more!

Dome of York
The 10 DoY sectors are split up into PvP and PvE zones with according zone rights. Gene replicators, shops and NPCs were removed. The DoY City Center will remain a safe zone with a GR as a starting point in the dome.

The low and medium sized dungeons were moved to the Outzone. The new PvE zones now contain high level dungeons.

Faction Headquarters
The Faction Headquarters have returned to their original positions in Tech Haven, Canyon Facility and Neocron.

DoY Apartements
All DoY apartments (Starter, Normal and Clan) created prior to the patch day will remain as they are, but their entrance is moved. The new entrances can now be found in the Outzone Apartment Complex, which can be reached via Outzone Station. DoY style apartments can still be bought after the patch, but their entrance will too be in the Outzone Apartment Complex.

Newly created Clan apartments of DoY factions will appear in the old locations Tech Haven, Canyon Facility and Pepper Park.

Guards and Copbots
All guards in the city sectors were removed. Within the safe zones, Copbots will react to soullight, but not to sympathy. GRs, zone borders and apartment entrances in non-safe zones are guarded by Copbots that react only to drawn weapons. The farther away from the city's center, the less Copbots are deployed.

Faction Relationships
The faction relationships have been adjusted and orientate at the Neocron 1 state.
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