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Balance Project News!
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 13 October 2006

It would seem alot of the Reakktor Media staff over in the office in Hanover have been taken ill over the last week but despite this Dirk "John Doe" Wilhelmy , part of the main Neocron Development Team, has given us a short update in the long running Balancing Project Progress thread.

This short update covers issues about further discussion topics aswell as the current progress of the project as a whole. 

Here is what   Dirk "John Doe" Wilhelmy wrote:-

Update: Limited community work

We are very sorry about this, but we have so many people hit by illnesses that we can not continue with a new discussion topic today, let alone observe and evaluate the discussion. We hope for your understanding!

... current state of the balancing project
At the moment we are working on the implementation of the APU/PPU changes. This part requires the heaviest changes (compared to other incomplete topics), therefore we want it tested on our internal testserver as soon as possible.

The other topics like weapons, resistences and NPC balancing are being tested and fine-tuned.

... armor and general damage model changes
Armor will be covered in the general damage model, which will be presented soon in an announcement (similarly to the skills and NPC announcements). While we are looking forward to your feedback, we have decided to combine some of the "smaller" topics due to their nature and the amount of time that has already passed.

... next discussion topic
We hope to be able to continue with the topic "Vehicle Combat" at the beginning of next week - hopefully everyone will be fit by then.

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