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2.2 Test Server Online
Written by CMaster   
Thursday, 07 December 2006
So, as of sometime yesterday, the Neocron 2.2 Test Sever is online, along with an area of the forums dedicated to feedback. Perhaps unsuprsisingly, the first couple of days have been beset by account issues and bugs. Click "read more" below to find out much more.

Yesterday, Dirk "John Doe" Wilhelmy announced the beginning of the Neocron 2.2 public test in this thread. This kicked off the ability to use the Neocron 2.2 test server, although many could not participate because of password issues - these should now have been resolved according to this announcement. A brief overview of what can be expected from the new iteration of Neocron can be read here, while general important testserver information is availble from this thread.

So far the testserver is rather bug beset and difficult. Both PvP and PvE damage are barely functioning, easy level gaining is only by a rather crude GM-based method and many find they can either not draw or not fire a wide selection of weapons and spells. Assurances have been provided that these issues will be resolved quickly. The absence of key balance changing features however (ie nanites) remains a large question mark however.

There has, unsuprisingly been a vast amount of changes to item effects, requirements, TLs and names. Stay tuned to this spot for news about what the THN will be doing to bring the Item Database into line with the new collection of items.

So, the first taste of 2.2 is here, if you want to participate in testing. Have fun and don't forget to report bugs here and discuss balance issues here .

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