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NC2.1 - "Free Evolution Test Run" Campaign
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 18 November 2005
Thanatos revealed today on the official forums, that they would be offering a chance for all canceled Neocron 2 accounts to try out the NC2.1 Evol for 14 days free when it is released on the 1st December 2005.

He wrote "In light of the major changes the Neocron Evolution 2.1 upgrade offers, all canceled Neocron 2 accounts will receive 14 days of free playing time to check out the upgrade. Starting December 1, 2005, the release date of the upgrade, all former Neocron 2 players will have 14 days to take a look at the improvements like the graphical updates, the new weapons, the engine improvements and the new content!

Of course the free 10 day trial will also be available at
www.neocron.com for those who never had a chance to try the action-packed Cyberpunk MMORPG.

This measure is part of a big marketing push that includes a new banner campaign, a couple of surprises we will reveal shortly. ;)

Also please note that banned accounts can not benefit from this offer."

So go and tell all your mates who have cancelled Neocron 2 accounts! Official forum discussion here.

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