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NC 2.1 - Release Date & New weapon models
Written by Tratos and Brammers   
Monday, 07 November 2005

The release date of the free Neocron 2.1 upgrade has been announced for the 1st December 2005.

Updated: 8 Nov 2005: 17:41 GMT - New weapon shots!

The release date was first revealed a few days ago on MMORPG.com, and was confirmed today by Odin in this thead on the Official Neocron Forums. Odin also revealed the first patch would be about 200 megs in size, and there would be several smaller patches after that.

Since the patch is so big, KK are planning to setup alternative ways to download the patch.

The MMORPG.com Article also revealed that new content will be added in form of quests and a new dungeon to explore, however KK are keeping very tight-lipped about the new dungeon!

Odin also posted some new weapon models.

 Fusion Pistol 
 Fusion Rifle
 Sub-machine Gun


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