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NC 2.1 Ingame Screenshots
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Some more ingame screenshots was released today, showing the new weapons models. The discussion is in this thread, and as usual you can see the complete range of screenshots amd renderings in the THN Gallery.

Click on Read More for the lastest screenshots.

As usual we are a bit stuck to which weapons these are, so if anyone finds out, please let us know! Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version of the screenshot.

  Ingame  Shot 1 - Spy with a Silent Hunter
  Ingame Shot 2 - Private Eye with a nailgun.
 Ingame Shot 3 - Private Eye with, what looks like a shotgun, so maybe it's a terminator?
 Ingame Shot 4 - Private Eye with a unknown heavy weapon. So maybe a Rocket Launcher?
  Ingame Shot 5 -Private Eye with a pistol perhaps?
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