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Faction System Revamp
Written by Tratos   
Saturday, 12 November 2005

Yet another new change to come along with Neocron Evolution 2.1!

When the free expansion reaches us on December 1st we're in for a treat as during this time of development ReaKKtor has addressed one of the communitys biggest problems with the game - the current 'Red vs Blue' approach to faction relations.

"Old rivalrise begin to emerge again and new ones appear."

So get ready to watch your back at every turn come December 1st as one of your friendly associates might just shoot you in the back Wink

Official Annoucement

You can also click 'read more' for a copied version of the statement.

Thanatos Wrote:

In addition to major graphical improvements, the free Neocron Evolution 2.1 upgrade package will also bring a new gameplay features and changes. One of those changes will be the improved faction system, which adds more potential for conflict, mainly between currently allied factions. Old rivalries begin to emerge again and new ones appear. Over the coming months, the storyline will advance the evolution of the conflicts between factions.

To improve both the PvP and roleplaying experiences, the penalties for killing allied players have been reinforced, while the penalties for killing neutral players have been loosened. More types of zones with different PvP rules have also been implemented for a better gameplay experience.

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