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Interview with Reakktor (Eng)
Written by Tech Haven Network   
Thursday, 24 April 2008
As mentioned in the THN Community News Update we was waiting for some news from Reakktor on both Neocron and Black Prophecy. Click on Read more for the answers.

1. Is Reakktor going to release any news about the new CEO of Reakktor, Kirk Lenke? We are aware that Holger Nathrath left Reakktor around September 2007, and would welcome any information about Kirk Lenke and Holger Nathrath's departure from Reakktor.

You will understand that we cannot give you any details about Holger’s departure as these are company internal information. What we can say is that Holger is still active in the games industry and has taken over a responsible position in another development company.

Kirk has been the interim CEO of Reakktor after Holger’s departure and is now official Chief Executive Officer since 01.12.2007. Due to business related time issues he is currently not able to introduce himself personally to the community but he is planning to release an introduction together with some more Neocron news within the next weeks.

2. What are the current plans for Neocron and what sort of timescales are Reakktor considering in the following areas?

A) The storyline (The Chosen One) and Event Based Content.

The whole storyline event concept is based on maximum interactivity for the player which means that the players have to actively take part to progress the storyline. Unfortunately the player participation has decreased distinctly and so the progress has been slowed down for the moment. I can only ask all interested players to participate in these events as often as possible.
You also need to bear in mind that we cannot provide a non-stop event service but regular events with the primary objective to involve the players as much as possible.

B) Mini & Spawn Events.

Spawn and other mini events are hosted on a regular basis by the event game master team. Like the storyline events, this always depends on the player’s participation. A game master hosted event is for nothing if no player’s show up to participate. Next to these official events we are always supporting players with their own event ideas by providing them with game master personnel or anything they need inside the game to realise their event accordingly.

C) Game development.

The development focus is currently fully set on Black Prophecy as we have to meet some very important milestones. The success of Black Prophecy is vital for Reakktor and thus for the continuance of Neocron. We are of course aware of our fans wanting Neocron to receive more attention but under the current circumstances it is not possible to split the resources accordingly Furthermore it is not out of question that Neocron will again receive development resources in the near future, as we think that it still has lots of potential. Until then we will enforce our efforts to bring more players into the game with more advertisement and some special price offers.

Black Prophecy

3. When will any more news about Black Prophecy be released?

The development team is heavily busy with bringing the game to the beta state as we are planning to offer a closed beta in Q3/Q4 2008. The next step will be a refresh of the current product website together with a beta application form and some new screenshots and game information. Also the official Black Prophecy community forums and the community portal can be expected to be launched sometime soon.

However, Snowcrash did give us a new screenshot from Black Prophecy - Want to see it? head over to the Forums at the Prophecy Network

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