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Snowcrash steps down...a little
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Many of you will know Christian "Snowcrash" Schuett, as the Neocron Community Manager at Reakktor. Today, he announced he was moving to work at Gamigo to work on Black Prophecy as the Assistant Product Manager. He say's he will still continue as Community Manager for Neocron, but on a voluntary basis.

This is what he said on the forums.

"As some of you might have already heard from the Black Prophecy forums, I have left Reakktor Media and joined gamigo in Hamburg, Germany as Assistant Product Manager for Black Prophecy. However, I will not completely cancel my work for Neocron and still be available on voluntary basis as Community Manager to be at your service and to lead the other voluntary helpers.

I’ve been with the game and the community for over 8 years now and I simply could not just leave and close the door behind me. We've gone through good times and bad, but this game and its community is still unique and definitely worth spending some leisure time on to keep things running. "

Myself, and everyone else would like to thank Snowcrash for all the support and help he has given to not only the community, but also to the Techhaven Network over the last years. Also we wish him the best of luck in his new role!

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