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Reakktor CEO Kirk Lenke Responds to Community Questions
Written by Tratos   
Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You may remember a while back we reported the community's bid to get some new solid information on Neocron, it's status and it's future. Today we have that information.

Late last night Reakktor Media's CEO Kirk Lenke returned to the official forums to deliver answers to almost every question asked in the campaign for information last year. What makes this response so important is the brutal honesty it is delivered with. There is far to much to quote here so we advise you head straight over to the official forums to read Kirk's response . There is also a separate discussion thread found here .

The most poiniant and imporant answer we found across the two posts, is Kirk's complete commitment to Neocron and the news of exactly how the Neocron server's have stayed online so long while the account fee has been turned off.  

"The only action I could take was putting the payments off and keeping Neocron alive somehow without causing any costs for Reakktor, the fund or Gamigo. The servers in the past years have been paid by me and I mean by me."
- Kirk Lenke, Reakktor Media CEO.
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