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Kirk's Letter - Update!
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 30 July 2009

In what can only be described as totally out of the blue, Kirk Lenke, CEO of Reakktor Media has directly replied to a response to his recent letter regarding Reakktor's situation, Neocron's future and the effect of Black Prophecy.

In the new response Kirk states as the company's CEO he will not give up on Neocron and goes on to say a number of avenues for Neocron's continuation have been discussed in house at Hannover. The only barrier for those plans however is KK's current financial status. Black Prophecy's sucessful release and a sound publishing deal should sort that one.

Hi John,

first of all NC will not be thrown to a wastebasket. Not by me - no way. Period.

In these days (during the last 15 months) the focus on BP is the only chance for KK to survive. We are in this insolvency procedure now for nearly one year amd the hectic has started earlier. So I am far away from being a happy camper at all.

Thanks for the compliment above regarding the great piece of work. I know that people only get mad when they like something.

Regarding NC and BP and the comparison of these two games. NC was/is a game completely funded by KK from scratch till live date. BP is game which is funded by a fund. So we have to deliver a product to these people and they also have impact on the developement. So you cannot compare both games completely at all.

And our last goal is to create a WoW playerbase. It would be nice but hey!? Trying to compete with WoW in regard of their success etc. is one of the major faults independent studios can go for before they start a new product or using an existing IP like NC. It would be nice but to get there you will need tons of money etc. Trust me, when you approach VC for example the first thing they mention is a sentence like "Will it be like WoW? Or as successful as WoW?".

We have already evaluated certain possibilities on how we can proceed in regard of technical and content support for NC. When the time is right more infos will come.

Cheers and take care


You can read the response in it's original location, including the original letter, here !

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